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Crawler Cmp 190 - Toyota Tacoma

Travel freely anywhere!

Our CMP 190 model, mounted behind the pickup trucks, inspires you to escape from city life and explore nature at any time.

Compact Design

Durable Outer Body

Special Production for Vehicle

CMP 190 creates a comfort area where a family of 3 can stay comfortably with its expanding internal volume in the camping location.

While the rising ceiling provides extra volume and spaciousness, the glass door opening on the side gives you the opportunity to watch the view while lying down.

open kitchen, sink and shower area on the side of the vehicle has been designed with all your needs in mind.

You can enjoy the open air in all weather conditions with the KMP 190's 270-degree awning.



Technical Specifications

Type                       :  4 Season Off Road PickUp / Truck top Caravan

Length                    :  1900mm

Weight                    450 Kg (Cabin) Added Weight is 250 kg (as existing box/bed is removed)

Body                       :  Aluminium

Paint                       :  Electrostatic Powder

Cabin Height          :  While Closed 1300 mm - While Open 2300 mm

Bed                         :  1st Space 1900 x 1850 mm - 2nd Space 600 x 1650 mm

Standard Features
Exterior Colors
Upholstery Colors
Optional Products
Crawler Cmp 190 - Toyota Tacoma