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Crawler KOZA Roof Top Tent - 145

KOZA Roof-top Tent, which can be opened and closed fully automatically with the energy it receives from the car cigarette lighter, provides you comfort in harsh natural conditions!

External scissor designs, there is no piston inside that prevents comfort.

Samberalla double fabric, even if it stays wet, it does not smell and provides extra insulation.

Aluminum structure resistant to tree branches and natural conditions

Technical Specifications: 

Type                             : 4 Seasons Heavy Duty Roof Top Tent and Cargo Carrier with/without Rack 

Operation                      : Automatic with Super Silent Electric Engine

Bed Size                        : 200 x 145 cm (Internal Bed Size)

Outside Length             : 235 cm

Outside Width               : 155 cm

Height                             :  32 cm (closed) 139 cm (open)

Weight                           : 98 - 112 Kg

Body Construction      : Aluminium

Paint                            : Electrostatic Powder Coated

Standard Features
Electric Engine
Water Proof Insulating Fabric
Control Panel with 12v Socket
Windows / Doors with Flyscreen
High Density Foam Mattress
Foldable Ladder
Ceramic Based Insulation Coating for Ceiling
Exterior Colors
Optional Products
Crawler KOZA Roof Top Tent - 145